Make Your Safety Trainings Virtual

With just a few Clicks.

Virtual trainings Heroshot

Safety Standards First, Factory Floor Second


1. Content

Take any video content you have at your fingertips and upload it. Don’t have any? Film your qualified staff on the factory floor, or host a webinar and upload the recording.

Want to host your live webinar on our platform? We’ll give you a free demo.


2. Test questions

Your content is now on the platform, so simply add test questions to validate your users’ knowledge. Choose from a variety of question types to secure your employees’ knowledge.

We implement your questions also into any live format, as well as verify users’ attendance.


3. Certification

Use our template to upload logo, signatures and official letter head, & leave the rest to us. Safety certifications need regular updating. With our tool you can add expiration dates, as needed.

Live formats merit live validation. Instantly display passing score and make certificates available.

Secure your employees' safety by raising their knowledge,
before they even walk through the factory door.

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