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Online Trainings increase Employee Satisfaction & Performance


1. Content

Take any video content you have at your fingertips and upload it. Don’t have any? Host a webinar or online training and upload the recording.

Want to host your live webinar on our platform? We’ll give you a free demo.


2. Test questions

Your content is now on the platform, so simply add test questions to validate your users’ knowledge. Choose from multiple choice, true or false and free text question types.

We implement your questions also into any live format, as well as verify users’ attendance.


3. Certification

Use our certificate template to upload your logo, signatures & official letter head, and leave the rest to us. Recognition by management of employee efforts are a key-driver of workplace satisfaction**.

Live formats merit live validation. Instantly display passing score and make certificates available.

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*The Work Institute highlighted a 117% increase since 2013 in voluntary turnover due to inadequate job training. Another survey by Instructure revealed that 70% of U.S. employees are somewhat likely to leave their current employer for a new role, if the new employer invests more in training and development.

**LinkedIn Learning's "2020 Workplace Report" highlighted that employees are more likely to engage in training if their learning efforts are recognized by management, showing a link between training opportunities and employee morale.